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We were founded in 2005 by Common Ground Church, and are an independent and registered non-profit. Based in Cape Town, we impact thousands of lives across South Africa each day. With a view of a whole person, and indeed a whole life time, the change that we work to bring about as we address systemic challenges in our society is holistic, deep and long-lasting.

We live in a country where up to 50% of children in their First Thousand Days of life don’t receive enough of the love, stimulation, safety, healthcare and nutrition that they need to thrive, where 3 out of 4 grade 4 learners can’t read for meaning, and where 46.6% of South Africa’s working age population is unemployed, including many who have given up hope of finding work. Our nation’s past echoes into our current reality where inequality continues to trap people in cycles of poverty, excluding them from opportunities to re-write the narrative of their lives. This is a great injustice.

our vision

We see a society where individuals, communities and The Church are living and acting justly resulting in the transformation of people marginalised by injustice.

To achieve the greatest impact, we regularly partner with church networks, other NGOs and the government sector to create ecosystems that will drive scalable change. Furthermore, we are endorsed and supported by a loyal base of funding organisations, private enterprise and individual donors.

Partner with us as we seek to transform lives and build brighter futures for the marginalised through better early life care, excellent education, work readiness training and connections to employment opportunities.

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early life

There is overwhelming evidence that the First Thousand Days of life determines the long-term prospects of the most vulnerable children in society. By equipping caregivers, parents and support networks to provide the crucial building blocks necessary for healthy physical, emotional and intellectual development, we can change the trajectory of young lives forever.


We believe that children in no-fee paying schools have the right to excellent education. Through a growing network of schools we seek to ignite and nurture potential, and work from within the system to provide good governance and management in at-risk schools.


Close to half of our population is crippled by unemployment. Of those, the majority are also unemployable – lacking the skills they need to seek and find reliable work. Our ‘Job Journey’ work readiness training equips graduates with the confidence and skills they need to become economically active.

congregational support

Our work also focuses on encouraging and equipping churches to embrace a lifestyle of justice. We develop resources, offer courses and host events that encourage ordinary Christians to grapple with and respond to issues of diversity and inequality
in our city.

our values

families in the First Thousand Days being supported by 770 churches in Sikunye’s nationwide network (2019-JUNE 2023)
learners who have received improved instruction from 145 coached staff at 3 schools in Bonteheuwel and Hout Bay (2019-2023)
employment course graduates who have been connected to opportunities (2019-2022)


Common Good is led by a management team of development specialists who have experience in both the corporate and NGO sectors, locally and internationally. With our track record of impact, robust governance practices and solid financial management structures, Common Good is a trusted NGO and development partner working primarily in the Western Cape, South Africa. We have received clean, professional audits year on year since inception and we have proudly maintained Level 1 B-BBEE status*.

To achieve the greatest impact we regularly partner with church networks, other NGOs and the government sector to create ecosystems that will drive scalable change. Furthermore, we are endorsed and supported by a loyal base of funding organisations including CAF America, private enterprises and individual donors.

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*Qualifying criteria for Level1 B-BBEE: 75% or more beneficiaries are black South Africans