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Toddler years (12-24 months)

Spiritual development of a child Psalm 78: “2 I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings from of old, 3 things that we have heard and known, that our fathers have told us. 4 We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and [...]

On the move (3-12 months)

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, his triumphal entry caused the whole city to be stirred. People everywhere were asking ‘who is this?’ Jesus goes to the temple, drives out the moneychangers, heals the blind and lame. At this point, Matthew points out the response of two groups of people: the religious, rule abiding adults and the children: “But when the chief [...]

The fourth trimester (0-3 months)

Birth is an incredible thing. So many ‘firsts’. Little baby goes from being inside her mother, to breathing air for the first time, seeing light for the first time and being able to grip onto her mother and father. Mom and dad get to hold her for the first time, seeing her. Very quickly everything changes. Nine months of [...]

New Life (Pregnancy)

It is profound to consider the myriad of processes that take place in the womb. Consider how many cells must multiply to get from two cells joining together to an infant at birth. We marvel at these incredible concepts. When we introduce our faith into this, we have even greater reason to stand in awe. Psalm 139 tells us: “For [...]

Parents first

If you were asked: what does a child in the first thousand days need? Fairly quickly you could describe what an infant needs. It isn’t one thing – it is a range. And it isn’t only one demographic of child that needs this. All children everywhere need a combination of things to thrive and develop. The ‘building blocks’ of [...]

Dads don’t babysit

How do you get ready for fatherhood? Men facing fatherhood may have a range of questions that can be overwhelming: Am I enough for this? Can I provide enough? What is going to change in my family? New dads may feel that they can’t add value, that they have nothing to do, that they cannot soothe baby, or get [...]

First Thousand Day friendly workplaces

Where you are makes a difference to who you are. Every one of us is located somewhere. The neighbourhood you live in. The shopping centres you visit. The classrooms you learn in. The workplace you are in. Christ-followers recognize that they are placed in society for more than their own flourishing. Being salt and light (Matt 5:13-16) means that we [...]

Common Good Joins My Village

Every swipe counts! We are so excited to announce that Common Good is now an official beneficiary of the MySchool/MyVillage fundraising programme, which is an initiative of Woolworths. Every time you swipe your MySchool card when shopping at Woolworths a percentage will go towards our Early Life, Education and Employment initiatives which will enable us to reach many more marginalized people across [...]

Disa Primary opens long-awaited library

For weeks, learners at Disa Primary in Bonteheuwel have been peeping through windows to get a glimpse of neatly- arranged, book-lined shelves. A long-awaited library has been taking shape, and on 13 February the new space was officially opened. School staff, learners, donors, volunteers and Common Good team members all in attendance to mark the special occasion. The formation of [...]