Author - Christine Van Wyk

Let’s Talk Land

In May 2018, the Common Ground Rondebosch AM congregation hosted an insights evening on the topic of land. They invited in a range of speakers to guide, inform and spark discussion. These four videos capture the heart of the evening and will help you grapple with land and what can be done for the future of South Africa. Intro to [...]

Redeeming Land

It’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by the extent of inequality, immobilized by the politics or simply unsure about what we could be doing- if you’ve felt like that- then this is where you can start! Read how people who share the pews with you are responding to Christ in all kinds of places and ways. Adam and Rachel Why We [...]

Julle Mense “You People” Podcasts

As we grapple with matters of justice, we are convinced that engaging with a wide variety of perspectives and opinions is integral to forming your next steps. Check out these episodes by our friends at Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice, covering a few different topics on Land and Space.  In the light of the controversy surrounding the failure of the City of [...]

Counting the Cost and Speaking Up

Overheard in the dining room, over lunch. “I remember the kids walked to school- we never thought twice about it…” “and there was a time I used to leave my keys in the ignition, at the shops, overnight, almost always” “But you can’t do that now!” “oh no! The crime is so widespread that the kids need to be supervised in the garden!” “and [...]

Personal Stories – Podcasts

In 2018, we decided to start a podcast. The idea was to create a space for ordinary people to share how they find themselves engaging with and ‘living’ Social Justice. We’d recommend these two episodes of the podcast to give you an idea of what it’s all about- and if you like them, subscribe for more on Apple Podcast [...]