Author - Richard Lundie

The Ancient Practice of Lament

The topic of violence against women is in the spotlight again.  Not because there was an increase in statistics, but the prominence of the cases took the spotlight and forced people to engage.  National discourse shifted and story after story of violence against women and children surfaced.  For some who more aware of this devastating scourge on our society may have been asking “this has [...]

The danger of a single story

Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie delivered a powerful TED talk in 2009. She raised the crucial issue that we can have pictures, stories and ideas about people groups and cultures that are too narrow, too restrictive and limiting. We can live lives with these stories in our minds, shaping the way we see and interact with people from these groups [...]

Seeing Unequal Spaces

Given the history and city planning of our past, it is possible to live in Cape town and not regularly be exposed to the stark difference of housing quality. Jonny Miller set out to display how unequal communities can be, as objectively as possible. By using drone photography, you can quickly see how two groups of people, separated by a [...]

South Africa’s Great Potential

You are invited to contribute to help South Africa realize her potential. You are invited to be part of writing a new story for our future. A story that sees the boosted shared prosperity, inclusive economic growth, expanded equitable opportunity and the end of extreme poverty. We typically all long for this hope for a better future, but don’t [...]

Scriptural reflections on giving time

Time: A commodity that has no bias. We can’t hoard it. It’s not stored in a savings account. Every person is only given 24 hours per day: it is the ultimate equalizer.  Time, like manna in the exodus, is given and consumed daily.  This is perhaps why Moses asked of the Lord “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain [...]

Yes,but…. Biblical answers to common excuses for not paying a Living Wage

The topic of paying a living wage is often an emotional one.  No one likes to pay more for something if they can pay less.  This is simple human behaviour.  God’s people are called to be good stewards of their finances, but never at the expense of others.  What follows below are some typical excuses given by people who [...]

The Bible, Justice and My Life

Karl Barth, a theologian from the 20th Century encouraged Christians to take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other.  Christ-followers are to interpret newspapers from the Bible.  In a country like South Africa, this practice is essential.  There seems to be a relentless barrage of news that tells of deepening poverty, injustice and divided communities and [...]