How to Help without Hurting 

How to Help without Hurting 

When we give of our time, no matter how earnest our attempts, there some very real risks involved. This should never be a reason to turn away, but rather a process of learning how to be better helpers, better hands and feet of our God.

For some insight, we’re sharing this short video with you. It’s actually a part of a devotional series we created some time ago called Foundations for Justice – so if it speaks to you and you want to engage with more material that’s similar you can check the course. It can be run in a Small Group or Bible Study context or as devotional for you to work through on your own. You see, we firmly believe that having the correct ‘posture’ or ‘lense’ when we serve or volunteer our time, talent and treasure is a Christ honouring notion and is essential in restoring dignity and hope to the people and situations we’re faced with.

The big messaging is there we’re not Saviors (only Jesus can truly fill that space) and we certainly don’t reach into situations to feel good or better about ourselves (while that can sometimes be an unavoidable outcome- we need to be very cautious of frankly disallowing it from being a part of our motivation). So enjoy this video, and let us know what you think! 

How to do help without hurting


VIDEO | 6mins

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  • Kerri Eaton Reply

    Excellent video! Thank you

    22/12/2021 at 06:47

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