Julle Mense “You People” Podcasts

Julle Mense “You People” Podcasts

As we grapple with matters of justice, we are convinced that engaging with a wide variety of perspectives and opinions is integral to forming your next steps. Check out these episodes by our friends at Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice, covering a few different topics on Land and Space.


In the light of the controversy surrounding the failure of the City of Cape Town to provide inclusive housing and the subsequent resignation of Councillor Brett Heron, David and John sit down with Caroline Powell from the Warehouse to talk about issue of spatial injustice, inclusive housing, the legacy of apartheid and the role of the church. https://soundcloud.com/jullemense/episode-10-spatial-injustice-and-inclusive-housing-with-caroline-powell

In this episode we discuss Gentrification with Tristan Pringle from Level Ground. Dealing with questions such as What is Gentrification? Isn’t Urban Renewal a Good Thing? Who is included and excluded? What role should the market play in determining value and morality? What role does the gospel play in shaping our response to issues of gentrification? And what role should the church play in assisting communities affected by gentrification?

In this talk Ryan Saville explores the legacy of forced removals in Cape Town, including the legacy and the role of the church. The aim of this Land and Restitution forum was to discuss these important issues biblically and contextually. To reflect on our history, our fears and ideologies and our current socio-economic and political context through the lens of cross-centred, contextual theology. To apply gospel thinking and practice to this crucial issue which is currently further exposing the divided state of the church along racial and economic lines. 

In this episode, together with special guest, Pastor Peter Makapela we discuss the recent announcement during the State of the Nation address that the government will seek to accelerate the land distribution programme and that this would include the implementation of expropriation of land without compensation.

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