Lean In, Listen In

Lean In, Listen In

This podcast series is all about us getting a better understanding of the lived reality of people in Cape Town and their experience of land and space. So many times, the topic of land can be spoken about at a head level, quoting facts and statistics. Other times, it is so emotive that people switch off when engaging. So we want to listen to people’s stories to help us understand the heart of the matter from people who have first hand experience of this.

Now we know that we can’t interview every person, and every story and situation is unique. We are not trying to summarize every story into a few. Nor are our storytellers trying to represent anybody else other than themselves.

S 2 Ep 7 | Brandon Weber and Richard Lundie on Land 

Richard chats to Brandon, an elder in our Bosch AM congregation, about growing up in the Cape, buying a home in Plumstead and ministering on the ‘Edge’.

S 2 Ep 8 | Colin Davids and Richard Lundie on Land

Richard chats to Colin, an elder in our Constantiaberg congregation, about land that was taken from his family, the community of Grassy Park and his prayers for land that his congregation can meet on.

S 2 Ep 9Luxolo Kentane and Richard Lundie on Land

Richard chats to Luxa friend from the Living Legacy Movement , about neighbourhood watch groups, Luxolo’s recent experience in Claremont where the police were alerted as he waited in his car for a friend and matters of place and space.

S 2 Ep 10Charnay Kleinsmith and Richard Lundie on Land

Richard chats to Charnay, a deacon in our Bosch AM congregation, about growing up in the Cape, how she’s investigating her family and the spaces they have lived.

S 2 Ep 11 | Grant Porthen and Richard Lundie on Land

Richard chats to Grant, a friend from Jubilee Community Church and The Eden Project, about Salt Rivergentrification and the community he loves.

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