What if Women Felt as Safe as Men

What if Women Felt as Safe as Men

In April 2017 activist @DanielleMuscato posed a hypothetical question for women on Twitter about the things they’d do if there were no men around in public after 9pmA year later she asked the question again amid the sexual assault allegations levied again Brett Kavanaugh, a supreme court judge candidate in the US. 

Thousands of women replied. Clearly this idea resonated with the women on the twitterverse 

One woman’s response sums up what I think all women want to say: 

Do men even know just how afraid women are of them? I think MOST men have no clue as to how limited and cautious women live their lives for fear of men. 

Below are a few answers selected from the 8000 replies. If you’d like to read them all you can do so here: 

The tweet reads as follows: 

Ladies, a question for you: "What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew?"
Men: Read the replies and pay attention.

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