Board of Directors


Klaas Van Mill


Klaas has 20 years of international corporate management experience, and 14 years leading non-profit organisations in Southern Sudan, Kenya, The Netherlands and, most recently, South Africa. He is a former CEO of Common Good and has held various Board and Board Chair positions during his extensive career. He is currently the CEO of a leadership and organizational development consultancy, as well as a small business owner.

Expertise: Leadership, NGO management, Social Impact

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“I am passionate about the role that professional faith-based organisations can play in bringing positive change to our city and country.  As Chairman, I am deeply invested in Common Good’s work to make a difference and bring hope to the most marginalised in our unequal society.”


Steve Binos

Steve is a businessperson and entrepreneur. He is the director of Dreamsmiths, a digital development agency specialising in web application development. Steve holds a Business Science degree, as well as a Masters in Practical Theology. He has served on the Board of Common Good since its inception.

Expertise: Leadership, strategy and Board experience

“I have a passion for seeing Christianity expressed through care for society’s most vulnerable, as well as in challenges to societal ills. “


Deborah Hancox

Deborah is currently the International Co-ordinator for the Christian network Micah Global. Before taking up this position, she spent 20 years in organisational consulting within the Christian development sector, in South Africa and abroad. Prior to entering this sector, Deborah worked for 15 years in corporate IT development. In 2020 she completed her PhD in Theology and Development at the Faculty of Theology at Stellenbosch University.

Expertise: Theology, especially missiology, and organisational development

“I am passionate about the church’s participation in God’s mission to extend His kingdom of justice and mercy, especially for those living in very difficult socio-economic circumstances. I have been involved in various staff and consulting roles at Common Good since 2005, and I love the way the organsition seeks to remain rooted in local church whilst working effectively in the development sector.  This, in conjunction with the strategic focus on Early Life, Education and Employment, is a game changer.”


Zimbini Hill

Zimbini is a media and communications entrepreneur, with an eye for connecting the dots between government, public sector and social enterprises. She has a background in financial services, including investment research at Macquarie First South, and investor relations at Investec Bank and Investec Limited.

Expertise: Corporate Strategy, Investment management

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“I joined the Common Good Board because I have a heart for social justice and wish to use my skills to contribute to the upliftment of our people.”


Llewellyn Jones

Llewellyn has degrees in engineering and computer science, and 40 years of experience in business management. He has served on many boards, from listed companies to small start-ups. Since his retirement he has become involved as a board member or chairman of several NGOs.

Expertise: Strategic planning, business operations, assessing and developing human potential.

“I have been involved with Common Good from the very first days, and have seen it develop from a small organisation to a powerful force for good in Cape Town. I want to help lead it to become just as effective in the whole of South Africa”


Mokgaetsi Sebothoma

Mokgaetsi is a highly experienced business leader, with a legal career spanning more than 20 years. She sits on the Executive Management Team at PetroSA, where she is Head of Legal Counsel.

Expertise: Corporate law and sustainability

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“Common Good’s mission to empower and impact our people from disadvantaged backgrounds, resonates deeply with me. It is truly an honour and privilege to be able to use my experience to serve our community in this capacity.”


Ryan Ter Morshuizen

Ryan gives leadership to Common Ground Church, and senior leadership to Advance, a global network of churches. He is an accredited StrengthsFinder coach, consulting with teams around the world, as well as the founder and Senior Consultant at Workplace Wellbeing. He has served on the board of Common Good since 2010.

Expertise: Strategy, organisational growth, leadership

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“I have a vision to see every one of our congregants engage in issues of justice in a meaningful, gospel-centered way. Through our Common Good’s partnership with Common Ground, we are serving marginalised people and communities across Cape Town, and beyond.”