A look inside

The State of My Heart As I reflect on the state of my heart, I realise that there are mental models that I have grown up with, which have shaped the heart choices I have made. I refer to these as& implicit biases. Biases are unconscious drivers that influence how we view the world. Biases are the invisible air we [...]

The Ancient Practice of Lament

The topic of violence against women is in the spotlight again.  Not because there was an increase in statistics, but the prominence of the cases took the spotlight and forced people to engage.  National discourse shifted and story after story of violence against women and children surfaced.  For some who more aware of this devastating scourge on our society may have been asking “this has [...]

Actionable Next Steps

A collection of next-steps to keep this conversation alive Tragically, the violence against women and children of late August and early September 2019 are not once-offs.  Even as the nation mourned the senseless loss of life, as thousands protested, still more women were raped, killed and abused.  Action is needed.  Real action.  With an issue as all-pervasive and deeply rooted as violence against women [...]

What if Women Felt as Safe as Men

In April 2017 activist @DanielleMuscato posed a hypothetical question for women on Twitter about the things they’d do if there were no men around in public after 9pm. A year later she asked the question again amid the sexual assault allegations levied again Brett Kavanaugh, a supreme court judge candidate in the US.  Thousands of women replied. Clearly this idea resonated with the women on the twitterverse.   One woman’s response sums up what I [...]

Common (Ground) Voices on Gender Based Violence

A collection of messages from across our congregations on the 8th of September in response to the crisis of Gender Based Violence. Sunday Message – by Julie Williams Sunday Message – by Andre Ntambwe Sunday Message – by Ryan TerMorshuizen Addressing the UCT GSB – by Paul Maughan Paul was invited to lead a final moment of response at the memorial of UCT student, [...]

Say Something

We’ve all been there – the family dinner table, a friend’s braai; when someone we know and probably like, says something racist or prejudiced that stops us dead in our tracks. What do you do? What do you say? As an NGO that works in spaces and places affected by the legacies of injustice, inequality, race and division we [...]

What it’s like to live in Cape Town

How would you finish this sentence: “If I could show people of other ethnicities what it is like for people like me to live in Cape Town, I would show them…”?    We collected a range of anonymous responses from fellow residents of our city.  They have not been edited for grammar or brevity.  All biographical data collected was optional.    These are [...]

Let’s talk: Cross-cultural friendships

There was a time in our country when it was illegal for black, white, coloured and Indian people to be friends with each other. After decades of segregation, and now two decades of democracy, many South Africans struggle to know how to relate to people who look different to them. Some people are afraid of saying or doing something [...]