A day in the life of a TZN trainer

In an effort to give you a peek into our Work Readiness Courses at The Zanokhanyo Network, I’ve interviewed one of our trainers. I hope this look into “the day in the life of a trainer” will give you practical ways to pray and understand the ministry our trainers are involved in daily. Meagan Daniels is a mobile access point [...]

The Bible, Justice and My Life

Karl Barth, a theologian from the 20th Century encouraged Christians to take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other.  Christ-followers are to interpret newspapers from the Bible.  In a country like South Africa, this practice is essential.  There seems to be a relentless barrage of news that tells of deepening poverty, injustice and divided communities and [...]

Why Are We Still Apart(heid)?

Living social justice requires a lifestyle of intentional awareness about poverty, injustice and division Years after the end of apartheid, our city still lives apart. It takes deep intentionality to integrate daily life with those unlike you – not just interact as a means of transacting but truly integrate work, home, friends, church, and your whole life. How long will it take to reverse this division? As much as we want large scale change, so much will happen [...]

Counting the Cost and Speaking Up

Overheard in the dining room, over lunch. “I remember the kids walked to school- we never thought twice about it…” “and there was a time I used to leave my keys in the ignition, at the shops, overnight, almost always” “But you can’t do that now!” “oh no! The crime is so widespread that the kids need to be supervised in the garden!” “and [...]

Personal Story – Avril Edwards

Testimony of a Lifestyle of Justice by Avril Edwards  As a Christian, I have always believed that justice is integral in my faith walk. With my background as a coloured person in South Africa, I’ve seen and understood the history of struggle and know that justice plays a prominent role in change. Personally, I knew my life’s calling to do justice was bigger than [...]

What Can I Do? 

In South Africa today, many would say that our biggest need is for racial, social and economic reconciliation. Poverty, injustice and division are in opposition to God’s Kingdom and his righteousness. They are not what God intends for people whom he created to be his image bearers (Genesis 1:27), whom he loves so much (John 3:16) and for whom [...]

Personal Stories – Podcasts

In 2018, we decided to start a podcast. The idea was to create a space for ordinary people to share how they find themselves engaging with and ‘living’ Social Justice. We’d recommend these two episodes of the podcast to give you an idea of what it’s all about- and if you like them, subscribe for more on Apple Podcast [...]