Tax and B-BBEE information

Common Good is a certified Level 1 B-BBEE non-profit and public benefit organisation.

Donations are tax deductible and a section 18A tax certificate can be provided on request.

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Tax deductions

Common Good is a registered non-profit and may issue S18A tax certificates for donations towards our initiatives. This is applicable to both individuals giving in their personal capacity, and corporates.

Please ensure that you include your name and phone number as a reference so that we can attribute the donation to you. Your physical address will also be required for issuing an S18A tax certificate.

B-BBEE points

Common Good is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, independently audited, certified and experienced. We can provide points in the following areas:

B-BBEE Social Economic Development (SED)

  • SED carries a weighting of 5 B-BBEE points according to the amended scorecard
  • 1% of net profit after tax must be spent for full SED points to be awarded
  • S18A tax certificate can be issued for tax benefits

B-BBEE Skills Development

  • Skills Development is a priority element, carrying a weight of 25 points on the amended scorecard
  • Entities must score at least 40% in this element to avoid being discounted by one B-BBEE recognition level
  • 6% of total payroll costs needs to be spent on Skills Development for maximum B-BBEE points
  • Common Good’s employment initiative offers job readiness training, and can therefore partially assist with points for Skills Development in Categories F & G (informal training for unemployed Black South Africans in general – this does not have to be for your company’s employees)
  • 0.9% of total payroll can be used for training in Categories F & G
  • We count as a Level 1 supplier

Further information

Contact for further assistance with tax benefits and B-BBEE points