Thula Baba Buckets

Thula Baba Baby Buckets

All too often, parents are unable to provide their children with the best start in life because they do not receive enough support and information when they are pregnant or when their baby is very young. Sikunye, through its partnership with Flourish, offers training to equip local churches to run free antenatal and postnatal classes in their community for pregnant moms, and moms and babies, empowering them to support their baby’s development right from the time of conception. Moms are taken on a journey of compassion, belonging and acceptance, over 10 weeks where they learn about self-care, forging their child’s future, bonding with their baby, and how to love, play and talk to their baby in a developmentally supportive way.

At the end of their 10-week journey, moms who have attended enough classes are given a Thula Baba Bucket. These buckets, created by the Thula Baba Project, include toiletries the mothers will need after birth, baby toiletry items, nappies, baby clothes, a blanket and wrap and toys and books – all developmentally appropriate and in line with the information given during the classes.

Receiving this wonderful gift at the end of the antenatal classes has been seen to encourage moms to sign up for and continue with postnatal classes, ensuring that they are provided with information and support they need to support their baby’s development.


Raffi Cavoukian