Graduate Support


Possibility, opportunity, hope

We instil in our graduates a sense of imminent opportunity that restores hope and helps them look to the future with confidence. After completing the Work Readiness course, graduates are encouraged to join the Graduate What’s App groups and our TZN Graduate Community Group on Facebook to have access to individualised support. Follow us on Facebook OR Instagram

We also offer additional skills training for graduates who have completed their Work Readiness courses.

Further skills training

Additional courses and workshops tailored to specific job sectors and skill-sets

Additional Courses

Work Readiness graduates may also sign up for further, skills training and workshops.

Money Matters

The money series has been developed to help you understand the basics of your finances and provide you with a clearer vision for your future. Having financial literacy skills will help you to become more successful in your personal life and business. By the end of this series you’ll have put together your own financial plan.

Customer Experience

Essential upskilling for all customer-related jobs in call centres, customer support services, retail cashiers, help desks and receptions.


Computer Workshop 1: Introduction to Computers

Computer Workshop 2: Microsoft Word

Entry to Entrepreneurship

Learn how to become an entrepreneur!

Topics covered:
Business idea