Graduate Support

Possibility, Opportunity, Hope

Graduate Support is a unit within TZN that offers holistic support to TZN graduates after they complete the Work Readiness Course. It is not compulsory for graduates to attend the Graduate Support events. However, they are strongly encouraged to make use of the services because it can increase their access to opportunities.

The aim is to serve the graduates by helping them sharpen their skills, broaden their knowledge, develop their personal brand, and gain access to opportunities. Through one-on-one and/or group sessions with the graduates and the review of CVs, the Graduate Support team assesses the graduates’ unique needs as individuals and identifies their strengths. They then use these two aspects to assist them in researching and guiding graduates to apply for suitable job vacancies. Graduates are guided to build the appropriate knowledge, attitude, and skills to find employment.

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Four Areas of Support Offered

We regularly host three types of events that cater specifically to Work Readiness Graduates, and that encompass the above support areas:


An event hosted on the Monday or Tuesday following graduation to assist the most recent graduates with updating their CV, cover letter writing, and online job search.

Job Seekers Online (JSO)

A recurring event hosted on Mondays, at central hub to equip former graduates with basic digital skills, assisting with creating/updating their CV on the TZN bot, and applying for opportunities using their own mobile devices.

On The Move (OTM)

A 3-day event focused on career planning and networking. This is an opportunity for those who want to make a move and take responsibility for their lives and success.

After completing the Work Readiness course, graduates are invited and encouraged to join our Graduate WhatsApp groups and our TZN Graduate Community Group on Facebook to have access to opportunities, events, social connection
and support.