Lifestyle Evaluation

Responding to poverty, injustice and division is not something we put on and take off.  It is about a life lived in an awareness of those living in poverty and suffering injustice and in an awareness of our divided society. It’s not about scoring points – we need to be examining and cross sectioning our lives to ensure that the our walk matches our talk. Take the following quiz to get you thinking about how responding to poverty and injustice needs to be personal and permeate all aspects of our lives. Mark those areas where you would like to grow over the next few months. Maybe you have some more lifestyle statements you can add?

Statement Yes To some extent No Flag
I have a good understanding of the biblical command to “act justly.”
I have an understanding of the causes and extent of poverty, injustice and division in South Africa.
I seek to be informed about current issues in the country related to poverty, injustice and division.
I speak with God and seek his thinking on these matters.
I seek opportunities to listen to the stories of people who are different to me, especially people of other ethnic groups.
I know what I spend my money on.
I know how much money I have to give away.
I pray about how I use my money and give as I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit.
I regularly think and pray about people living in poverty and suffering injustices.
I regularly give of my time and skills to help those living in poverty and suffering injustice.
I look for opportunities at school / university / work / home to talk about issues relating to poverty and injustice and how we can respond.
I am friends with someone different to me.
I try not to use more than my share of the earth’s resources.
I am fully persuaded that responding to poverty and injustice is intrinsic to what it means to be a Christ follower.

Use the scoring system below see to see where you are in the journey and some resources to help you on your way.

  • Yes – 2 points
  • To some extent – 1 point
  • No – 0 points

Now, add up your total:

0-15 LACE UP! Welcome to your journey- we recommend checking out these resources as next steps.
Charity and Social Justice: What You Need to Know
Avril’s Story: How I Began My Lifestyle of Justice
What Can I Do: Some Practical Idea’s for Your Lifestyle

16-25 PUSH ON! You’ve been engaging with Social Justice in a meaningful way. Here are some articles that will inspire you to go deeper.
Listening: Why Are We Still Apart(heid)
Video: Doing Good Without Doing Harm

25+  TIME TO INFLUENCE OTHERS! Awesome, it seems as though you’ve been thinking about these issues already. Now is the time for action and influencing others.
Another Country: A post by Sharlene Swartz