Meet Ncebakazi


Meet Ncebakazi

NcebekaziNcebakazi Tingwe loves to cook and dreams of opening a cooking school for youth in Langa. Unfortunately, her previous efforts to study for a profession in the hospitality industry have been disappointed: she left a chefs’ learnership after finding out that it wasn’t correctly accredited, and  had to drop out of food and beverage management classes at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology due to financial constraints.

Then she heard about The Zanokhanyo Network from her aunt and enrolled. “I was so happy when I found out about the hospitality course, and that it is much cheaper than other courses,” says Ncebakazi. Like all students, she first participated in the three week work readiness programme, which lays the foundation for further studies and work opportunities. “Through the work readiness course I gained confidence and the morning devotions revived my faith,” smiles Ncebakazi.

She went on to do the fully-accredited hospitality course and seized the chance to take computer lessons as well. She learned how to work with Microsoft Office and use templates, which Ncebakazi says will help her to make menus, brochures, student rosters and more. “Before, I couldn’t understand why people needed to use spreadsheets and charts, but now I know how to use these to keep track of a budget and manage my monthly expenses.”

Ncebakazi has partnered with her aunt to set up a catering business and now cooks for corporate functions and social events. “I am excited to use my new skills in my business and one day in my cooking school, so that I can help youth in Langa transfer into the hospitality industry,” she says. 

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