Meet Nobuntu

Meet Nobuntu

Meet Nobuntu Ncani, who attended a Work Readiness course at The Zanokahnyo Network in 2019. There she met one of our Early Life staff members who noticed that Nobunto was pregnant and invited her to attend Sikunye’s Antenatal classes. What follows is a heartwarming story of deep personal growth and the power of connection to support individuals – both personally and practically – during very vulnerable stages in life.

“My name is Nobuntu Samantha Ncani, and this is my story.

In 2019 I attended the Work Readiness course at The Zanokhanyo Network. There I learned about character and respect for others, problem solving and behaviour in the workplace. We also learned how to make a short and a detailed CV and how to apply for a job. It was a good journey for me, that uplifted me spiritually and emotionally.

One day during the course, I met Desirée from Common Good’s Early Life programme (Sikunye) in the ladies’ bathroom. I was almost 6 months pregnant and it happened that she introduced herself to me and told me about Flourish. After the work readiness course, I went on to attend the Flourish Antenatal classes in Wynberg. Desirée was our host and there I was able to continue with the learning and the support that I had enjoyed at The Zanokhanyo Network.

For me it was a such a good thing because women have a lot of fears and stress during pregnancy. It was my first time to be a mother so there were many things I didn’t know. I was so happy to be part of the Flourish sisters and to learn about the First Thousand Days. Now I know about the importance of breastfeeding and love from the mother to the unborn baby. We also learnt about needing to save money, taking your supplements during pregnancy, doing exercises, how to make some toys for your baby, and ways to love and care for each other as Flourish sisters.

In the 10th week of the course, we had a baby shower. We were given a Thula Baba bucket with lots of essential things for the baby and ourselves. We also got a Flourish baby bag with even more gear. That day was such a big day for us, especially for me because I didn’t have any other baby shower. It was quite an emotional day for me because it made me feel special.

I really enjoyed each and every day that I attended the Flourish classes. Thank you Common Good, Flourish Antenatal and partners for uplifting mothers like me. I was so hopeless before – I really don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t attend these classes! I am so blessed to be part of this journey.”

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  • Paul Grobler Reply

    Great to hear these stories and see the effects of the Common Good initiatives on people’s lives.

    05/07/2020 at 19:15

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