COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


The impact of COVID-19 is yet to be fully understood. Numbers are updated by the hour, the economy is facing new challenges, and each day holds a range of headlines never seen before. In these dark and uncertain times, the biblical call to love our neighbour can be met with the response of: ‘who is my neighbour?’ Fear and uncertainty can shrink one’s attention and affection to one’s immediate family only. Whilst it is good to love and care for your family, the compassionate God also moves his people to have and show compassion to others.

The call to the followers of Jesus to have compassion serves an important purpose: it ensures the vulnerable are not left behind, marginalized or oppressed. It is also a beautiful reminder of the hope that is in the gospel. Seeking out others to care for them in times like these is a powerful signpost to the beauty and power of the gospel to transform hearts.


Emergency food relief for Common Good beneficiaries

Many of our programme beneficiaries are struggling with food security during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can donate towards food vouchers for those in need.


Join our Mask Makers!

We’re calling for volunteers to sew masks for communities where people are not able to purchase personal protective equipment. Read more about this initiative and sign up to sew!


Lockdown provides an (unforeseen) opportunity to practice simplicity and generosity.

Use lockdown to prepare to be a blessing. Checkout our Gleaning Guide for a creative activity that teaches the whole family about generosity.


Local projects and relief initiatives that you can get behind

Looking for great projects that you can fund or support? You can assist these organisations to provide necessary relief and care to those in need during the pandemic.


Multiplying compassion in a time of isolation

There’s a division beyond social distancing that needs our attention. In this blog post we look at ways to live justly and show kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Crowds, Compassion and Corona

For biblical insight on how we can respond to Covid-19, read this blog post which explores how crisis tends to shrink our sense of community, but compassion opens our circles.

South Africa's COVID-19 Resource Portal

Visit the South African Government’s Covid-19 portal for further information and updates.