When it comes to a social giant like unemployment, many people can feel completely overwhelmed and retreat in the face of the sheer number of people who are under- or unemployed.  But there is hope!  Through the work in employment, we see hundreds of people each year being transformed by the gospel and equipped with necessary skills to enter the workforce.

And when we look at the range of Christ-followers in the Common Ground family, we see thousands of people, uniquely gifted, positioned and connected.  When you take these two ingredients together, there exists the potential for deep change within individuals as well as a wide reach.

This resource page is all about how you can roll up your sleeves to be part of a solution…

Don’t think of all the things you can’t do.  Instead, ask what you can do, by God’s grace, to be part of people’s journey towards meaningful employment.

Linda ChoncoCommon Good Employment

The Bible and Work

Journey through this 16 day Devotional, each day written by a Common Good team member or Common Ground Church leaders.

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Why Employment Matters

What are the implications for South Africans—and others—when we understand God’s view of ‘work’? 

A theological paper by Dr Tim Black

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Roll Up Your Sleeves

If you have time to gift during the week, whether it’s one hour or the whole day, you can get involved and volunteer through our partners ForGood.

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Opportunities in Your Workplace

Richard Lundie chats to the employment team about the role business has to play in work readiness, from hiring grads, offering internships and partnering through CSI funding.

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Roll Up Your Sleeves in Your Own Time

“We hear a lot of hard stories of injustice and loss of hope. But thankfully, through these sessions, some students have come back and told us that they’ve taken steps to have hard conversations with those they needed to forgive.”

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Common Good Employment

Find out more about Common Good’s employment initiative which offers work readiness training and connections to meaningful opportunities.

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Ways to get involved

There are many easy ways that you can support Common Good’s employment initiative. Watch this video to find out more about our work readiness programme and how you can get involved.