Gift of time

The Gift of Time

Each day we are gifted with 24 hours.  How do we use this precious resource?  Do we have time for justice, or does it only go towards ‘me and my’?  

Our faith has much to say about how we can not just use our time, but invest it in the lives of others.  You will discover that using your hours to be a blessing to others can have a profound impact on the hours of others, for today and many days into the future.  The gift of time can be multiplied into others. 

Richard LundieCommon Good

How to help without hurting

“When we give of our time, no matter how earnest our attempts, there some very real risks involved. This should never be a reason to turn away, but rather a process of learning how to be better helpers.”

Blog post by Christine Van Wyk

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But I'm too busy - what do you want me to do?

“I noticed that making myself accessible and available to serve whoever I came in contact with (with either my time, my networks, my gifts and talents and passions), would glorify God and his calling over my life.”

Blog post by Allan Basajjasubi

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Volunteerism - it's all of our business

“At heart, volunteerism is about heart: it’s about community relationships and how to foster a stronger, healthier community for all participants.”

Blog post by Jess White

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Scriptural reflections on time

“Teach us to number our days…” is just one way that scripture leads us to treat our time as a precious commodity.  Read this article to explore more of how Jesus and the early church invested their hours.”

Blog post by Richard Lundie

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Volunteer with Common Good

If you are looking for a more formalised volunteer opportunity within an existing program, there are many ways for you to get involved with the work that Common Good is doing within our three initiatives, Employment, Education & Early Life.

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Podcast | Volunteering with Shine Literacy

Join Sue and Sharon as they chat about the Shine Literacy programme, Kewtown Primary School and building meaningfully into the lives of Foundation Phase children so that they can Learn to Read and then Read to Learn.

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Podcast | Paradigm Shift Entrepreneurship

Paul Maughan chats to a Paradigm Shift volunteer team from Common Ground Church Greenpoint, about gifting time, growing potential and developing entrepreneurs.

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Podcast | Supporting Work Readiness Students

Christy Wheeler chats to Jason and Kate who volunteer at The Zanokhanyo Network. They talk about about gifting time, helping with CVs, mock interviews and celebrating graduations.

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