Lifestyle of Justice

Connecting Faith and Justice

The gospel of Jesus Christ has great power.  One expression of this power is how it transforms our hearts and lives.  As we follow Jesus and the gospel sinks deeper into our hearts, so we develop new passions, new interests and new behaviours.  Powerfully, the gospel will birth in faithful believers a passion to see justice come.   

The lifestyle of a faithful follower of Jesus will increasingly demonstrate a heart for those who are vulnerable and victims of injustice.  Justice is not something that is to be outsourced to professionals.  It is not something that is only for those who are ‘wired that way’.  The pursuit of Justice is something that every Christ-follower is to engage.  The God of Justice leads his people to pursue justice. 

These resources are intended to give helpful tools, wisdom and insights to equip believers who are at different stages of connecting faith and justice.  Through these, we trust that you will take a few more steps in your journey of justice 

Why Are We Still Apart(heid)?

“If you were to be challenged to have a conversation with someone different than you, how difficult would that be? Do you naturally have deep relationships with a diverse group? How we design our lives and interact with society affects our perspective and our ability to do justice.”

Blog post by Melanie Mokgatla

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The Bible, Justice and My Life

“Jesus is the model of a lifestyle of justice, the motivation for our pursuit of justice, the power and sustenance of our pursuit of justice.”

Blog post by Richard Lundie

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The Things I Never Said

“So this is the article about the things I wish I’d said. And why I wish I’d said them. And how much I still love the people behind the words. I wish I’d found a way to say to these people that the things they were saying, while not untrue, were incomplete.”

Blog post by Christine Van Wyk

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What Can I Do?

“Poverty, injustice and division are in opposition to God’s Kingdom and his righteousness. They are not what God intends for people whom he created to be his image bearers, whom he loves so much  and for whom he desires ‘life to the full’.”

Blog post by Christy Wheeler

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Defining 'Lifestyle'

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” ~Edmund Burke
An innate and inspired sense of injustice connects us and compels us to respond to God’s heart for justice …


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How I Began My Lifestyle of Justice

“After reaching (a career) peak … I left full time employment and started a few businesses of my own. I thought this was where God wanted me. But something was still missing.”

Avril Edwards | Personal Story

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Podcasts: Personal Stories

Listen to personal accounts of Capetonians who’ve been exploring these themes.

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Looking at my Lifestyle

Take the Lifestyle Evaluation quiz to get you thinking about how responding to poverty and injustice needs to be personal and permeate all aspects of our lives.

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Doing Good Without Doing Harm

As you live a lifestyle of justice, you have opportunities to serve people.  Watch this video to explore good principles of how to do that in the most helpful ways.

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