Responding to Poverty

Responding to Poverty

We all want to be generous, right? It’s not likely you’d hear someone say, “I love keeping my wealth to myself”. As a nation, South Africa displays the greatest wealth disparity on the planet. The poverty around us is not a result of shortage, but is a result of wealth that is distributed unequally. Jesus tells us that ‘the poor will always be among us’ but when we delve into the scriptures, we see that our faith is not content to leave it that way. There are so many places and people in need in our country. While we give to our own family members, our church, the NGO calling for donations – the Bible calls us to new heights of generosity in the face of widespread inequality. 

In this resource, you will find thought provoking conversations about when giving has gone well and when it hasn’t. There are insights into what the Bible says about giving and questions to ponder about your own giving strategy. Join us on this journey of exploring the ways we can give to those in need and examining our hearts as we seek to glorify Jesus with what he has given us. 

Giving in the Bible

How can we maintain a healthy tension between open-eyed realism and overflowing generosity toward others as we live as God’s Kingdom people in this country?

Written by Dambudzo Mushambi

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A Strategy for Giving

A way to develop a strategy for giving so that when you’re under pressure or unable to discern, you are still empowered to act justly and compassionately. 

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Being a Steward of Mercy and Justice

Reflections on how we give through the story of Jesus in the temple courts.

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Giving by Referral

Sometimes the best way to give is to direct people to established programmes or NGOs that are equipped to serve. Here are some establishments around Cape Town that have been recommended to Common Good by Common Ground’s Justice Ministry Teams.

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Book Club

A new digital world and a new way for us to connect about justice and our faith – join us for an online book club.

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"The poor you will always have with you"

What did Jesus really mean when he said, “the poor you will always have with you”?

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Panel on Discernment, Giving and Mercy

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