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Jesus and Time

How did Jesus model time spent here on earth?

Time: A commodity that has no bias. We can’t hoard it. It’s not stored in a savings account. Every person is only given 24 hours per day. Time, like manna in the Old Testament, is given and consumed daily. At Christmastime, many people have leave and get excited about time with family...

You’re Going to Anyway

Reimagining your Christmas traditions without throwing them away completely
The call to Reimagine Christmas, to consider how Jesus would want us to celebrate his birthday, does not mean we don’t ‘do Christmas’. Instead, it is an invitation to redeem our Christmas traditions to be more just, more outward and others focused.
You’re going to buy presents anyway
It’s hard to escape the...

Wishing You a Curious Christmas

WISHING YOU A CURIOUS CHRISTMAS, FROM ALL OF US AT COMMON GOOD! This Christmas, our prayer is that you’d actively develop a respectful curiosity about cultures different from your own, and how they celebrate Christmas. The Bible says that heaven will be a big celebration (Rev 19:1-3), and that it will involve people from different tribes (Rev 5:9 and Luke 13:29)- so in...

A new Christmas story

Every year it catches me by surprise. Seemingly out of nowhere, the shops start putting up Christmas decorations. Advertising through every medium will start coming, convincing me that I need something, that my family will only be happy if we have this, or experience that. Then the Christmas songs will start, most of which...