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The Mask Makers

Image courtesy of Ballo, ballo.co.za

We’re calling for volunteers to make masks to reduce COVID-19 transmission in high risk areas.

You can join us in serving our city by sewing masks to be distributed for free in communities where people are not able to purchase personal protective equipment.
The Western Cape Department of Health has stated the need for...

Gleaning: Letting Lockdown Prepare Us to be a Blessing

An (unforeseen) Opportunity to Practice Simplicity, Generosity and Being Ready to be a Blessing

Social media and modern-day news cycles push striking images in front of us relentlessly. These emotive photos can push us into a corner where we can feel overwhelmed by the need and we can feel stuck in lockdown, forbidden to help. Or we may be getting a...

Loving Others Generously During Lockdown

In this time of lockdown, does your generosity extend beyond those in your household? What could God be calling his followers to in this season when self-preservation holds our hearts and minds captive?

On Monday 23 March 2020, in response to COVID19, the government of South Africa has instituted a national shutdown for 21 days. This unprecedented move is an attempt to...

Crowds, Compassion and Corona

Jesus shows us what compassion looks like in times of crisis

Picture this for a moment: Jesus is ministering and teaching. There have been many healings, sins forgiven, and there is a large following of Jesus from all different parts of society. It is just before his triumphal entry, and we find Jesus, his disciples and a large crowd gathering around...

How To Multiply Compassion and Justice in a Time of Isolation

The Division Beyond ‘Social Distancing’  

Corona-chaos has ensued and each of us are having to think about hygiene, the safety of our immediate family, and how to run our household for days – even months – into social isolation.   Some jobs are being shifted to the online-world of video conferencing, WhatsApp, and sharing via 'the cloud.’ The privilege of private transportation, access to...

Responding to Coronavirus

In response the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Common Good is committed to doing all that we can as an organisation to continue to have an impact in the communities we serve, and to play our part in slowing the spread of the virus. On Tuesday, 17 March, for the ongoing health and safety of our staff, beneficiaries and partner organisations, we moved...