Roll up your sleeves!

Join us as we work to address issues of justice that challenge our city.

At Common Good we offer a diverse range of volunteer opportunities within our Employment, Education and Early Life initiatives. With your help, we can deepen our impact even further as we serve the needs of our local neighbourhoods & communities.

Volunteering also provides an opportunity for each individual to experience personal transformation as we are exposed to and engage with the legacies of poverty and injustice in our city. The bible tells us clearly what the Lord requires of us – to act justly and love mercy. Volunteering provides a way for us to turn love into action.

Suhail Khan

Who can be a volunteer?

We’re looking for people with the following qualities:


Happy to welcome and demonstrate love and compassion towards others


Eager to engage with people who are different from you


Willing to serve with humility and grace

positive attitude

Willing to engage in challenging situations with a positive mindset

all ages

Anyone can be a volunteer: young, old, singles, couples and families


All legal requirements and screening procedures completed

Our current volunteer opportunity is to conduct Mock Interviews for The Zanokhanyo Network graduates. This is now being done in partnership with ForGood. Please sign up for this opportunity at the link above or direct any queries about volunteer opportunities to volunteer@commongood.org.za