Responding to poverty and injustice in Cape Town

Common Good’s vision is for a city where individuals and communities impacted by the inequality and injustice of our past, are flourishing physically, spiritually, economically and socially.

We were founded by Common Ground Church in 2005 to respond to poverty and injustice in Cape Town, and to mobilize, inspire and equip ordinary Capetonians and our church community to live out social justice in their everyday lives.

Living Social Justice

What we do

Cape Town may be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it is a city divided. Our apartheid history drove chasms between our city’s people – leaving a painful legacy of inequality and injustice.

We seek to respond in three key areas:  early life, education and employment. We believe that tackling the challenges associated with these areas has the greatest potential for positive impact among the most vulnerable and marginalised.

Early Life

There is overwhelming evidence that the first thousand days of life determines the long-term prospects of the most vulnerable children in society. By equipping caregivers, parents and support networks to provide the crucial building blocks necessary for healthy physical, emotional and intellectual development, we can change the trajectory of young lives forever.


We believe that children in non-fee paying schools have the right to excellent education. Through a growing network of schools we seek to ignite and nurture potential, and work from within the system to provide good governance and management in at-risk schools.


Over a quarter of our population is crippled by unemployment. Of those, the majority are also unemployable – lacking the skills they need to seek and find reliable work. Our job readiness training equips graduates to confidently enter the workplace, and provides connections to meaningful work.

Living Social Justice

A significant part of our work focuses on encouraging and equipping the church to embrace a lifestyle of social justice. We develop resources, offer courses and host events that encourage ordinary Capetonians to grapple with and respond to issues of diversity and inequality in our city.

Early Life Research Participants
Learners at three Collaboration Schools
Job Readiness Graduates
Justice Journey Course Participants

Our values

Value each other

Sawubona – see and honour all

Love generously

Love others as Jesus loves us

Live with integrity

Walk the talk with authenticity

Pursue Excellence

Give our best – people deserve it

Inspire innovation

Create and motivate for greater impact

Team together

Work together to serve better