Linda ChoncoLeader, The Zanokhanyo Network

Making meaningful work possible

Many of the unemployed in South Africa are also unemployable – lacking the basic hard and soft skills required to seek and secure meaningful employment. Common Good’s employment initiative, The Zanokhanyo Network, offers a transformational Work Readiness Journey that serves as a bridge to opportunity by restoring dignity and hope, equipping people to realise their potential, and connecting graduates to employment networks.

Our story started in two separate but like-minded projects – Zanokhanyo and NETwork – which joined forces in 2015 to form The Zanokhanyo Network. Together, we are able to strengthen our teams, extend our reach into deeper areas of the city, and ultimately impact more lives for the better.

What we do

Our holistic approach to Work Readiness includes skills training, personal development and most importantly, access to employment opportunities.

In this way we support individuals throughout their entire journey – from being unemployed to finding meaningful work.

Work Readiness

The Job Readiness Journey is a 12-day course that empowers people with the confidence, skills and resources to enter the job market. We actively foster a sense of community in which self-esteem and dignity is restored, and life purpose can be envisioned.

Graduate Services

Graduates can attend accredited training courses in Hospitality, Customer Service and Computers. They also have access to our Resource Centre for organised and assisted job searching.


We help connect graduates to opportunities: jobs, internships, resources, information, referrals, and to other local services, including pastoral care through local churches and small groups.  We help connect businesses and households to job-ready candidates.