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A donation to Common Good is so much more than a gift towards a charitable cause; it’s a gift towards sustainable change. Your meaningful contribution enables us to nurture potential, restore hope, create opportunities, and change the direction of the lives of thousands of men, women and children through our Early Life, Education and Employment initiatives. Corporates can partner with us through CSI funding and B-BBEE, please explore these options here.

bank details

Bank: FNB
Name: Common Good

Type: Cheque Account
Number: 6235 715 7033

Branch: Vineyard Road
Code: 254 005

Please use your name and phone number as a reference so we can contact you to arrange a tax certificate for your donation.

American donors can donate to us via the CAF website by clicking the above badge.

Donations to Common Good are tax deductible

As a registered non-profit organisation, we may issue Section 18A tax certificates on request. For further information, contact

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